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Professional stock traders and investors use the shape of the yield curve to predict both.

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Interest Rate Implication: Interest rates for longer-dated bonds will be higher than shorter maturities.A yield curve plots the yield to maturity (TYM) of similar debt securities, against the time to maturity (term).It is forecasting positive economic growth, rising interest rates and increasing inflationary pressures.The other theory to determine yield curve shape is the liquidity preference theory, which suggests a need for a risk premium to be offered for longer-term bonds to account for their increased interest rate risk and price volatility.The yield curve is a portrait plotting rate of return on the y axis and time on the x axis of a graph.

The normal yield curve is upward sloping to the right because of several factors.This usually indicates uncertainty among investors about both current and future economic conditions.

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This is the regular way a yield curve trends because investors demand a higher return for the higher risk of tying up their capital in securities with longer maturities.But there are unusual situations where the yield curve inverts — the short maturity end of the curve has a higher rate than longer-term debt.

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The yield on a bond is the return on investment you would expect if you were to hold it to maturity.A normal yield curve shows normal economic conditions generally.In such a graph, yield to maturity (YTM) of the bonds is plotted on the vertical axis and the corresponding years to maturity are plotted on the horizontal axis.Normally longer maturity bonds will have higher yields compared to near maturity bonds, as it compensates the investor for the risks that go with time.

A flat yield curve often marks a transitional period for interest rates.We choose the five-year note as We choose the five-year note as.

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The normal yield curve is upward sloping to the right due solely to inflation expectations.The slope, shape, and level of yield curves may vary over time with changes in interest rates.

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Yield curves can be three shapes that include normal, inverted, and flat yield curves.

A normal yield curve is upward-sloping and shows higher yield for longer maturity due to the risks associated with the passage of time.The yield curve basically is a snapshot of the yields, or expected rates of return, on a collection of bonds of different maturities.There comes a time in every business cycle when the yield curve inverts.The shape of a yield curve can be analyzed to forecast future interest rates and economic activity.A humped yield curve is a relatively rare type of yield curve that results when the interest rates on medium-term fixed income securities are higher than the rates of both long and short-term instruments.

This helps to explain the normal shape of the yield curve, but not the fact that long and short term rates tend to change in unison, since they are supposed to be two separate and independent markets.The shape of the yield curve is predictive of future economic conditions.

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A yield curve is a graph that plots the relationship between interest rates and the time to maturity for fixed-income securities with equal credit quality.

A yield curve that trends upward, indicating that the interest rates for long-term debt securities are higher than short-term debt securities.It provides a clear, visual image of long-term versus short-term bonds at various points in time.A flat yield curve often manifests when the yield curve transitions between a normal shape and an inverted shape.

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It is also a predictor of stock markets because both yield curve and stock markets are leading indicators of economic growth.

Lacy Hunt, chief economist at Hoisington Investment Management, sees a good chance of an inverted curve as soon as a year from now if the Fed continues to shrink its balance sheet.

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This is because one yield curve cannot show the expenses of money incurred by everyone.People often talk about interest rates as though all rates behave in the same way.Chapter 07 Valuing Stocks 1.Explain why the market value of common stock often differs from its liquidation value or its book value.A normal yield curve has an upward slope, which means the yields increase as maturities extend.